Review of Accounting Systems and Internal Controls

We carry out the review internal control and accounting systems and implement specific procedures designed to ensure that clients achieve their goals of:

  • The effective control and financial control system;
  • The reliable financial statements ;
  • To comply with policies and internal processes of the company;
  • Implementation of appropriate measures to protect the company ‘s properties, to avoid fraud.

Audit of the finalized accounts of investment capital and construction works

The audit objective is to provide an independent audit opinion on the finalized accounts of of investment capital and construction work. The audit is to affirm the report of the settlement project, reviewed the legality of the investment and compliance with procedures of construction investment, and the legality of the original documents, contracts and handover and acceptance minutes.

Audit financial statements

We perform statutory audit services under Vietnam Standards on Auditing (VSA) and International Standards on Auditing (ISA) based on international audit methodology, together with the deeply and comprehensive understanding of clients’ business operations. We are not only giving the opinion on true and fair view of financial statements in all material respects, an important part of our job is to advise clients on corporate governance, figure out the weaknesses in the clients’ internal control systems and accounting systems, provide solutions to implement effective client management.

Review of Financial Statement

We provide review of financial statements at interim and financial year-end. A review is limited primarily to inquiries of company personnel and analytical procedures applied to financial data and thus provides less assurance than an audit. Depending on the purpose of usage of financial information, a review can provide the level of required assurance with cost and time savings rather than an audit.

Review of financial information upon agreed procedures

Enterprises need a professional firm to perform some agreed upon procedures regarding to financial information to meet the business needs and/or to assist the management in decision-making process. We will discuss with the Company to understand the issues, needs and design the specific procedures to accomplish. After performing these procedures, we will give the Board a report of factual findings along with the business issues to be interested in.

Conversion of Financial statements under IFRS

Our team of conversion of financial statement under IFRS is always available to assist clients with all the problems in the transition to IFRS financial statements.

Identify and quantify potential differences between financial reporting under IFRS and VAS.

Consult on the presentation of financial statements.

Financial statement translation from foreign currencies into Vietnam dong (VND)

We provide the services of financial statement translation from foreign currencies into Vietnam dong comply with the provisions of current regulations.

Our commitments to you:

High standard audit tools, resources and procedures

We committe to providing clients the best service. In today’s business environment, there is more skepticism and scrutiny to the enterprises’ financial statements than ever before. Investors now expect more on reliability, closely supervision and clearly evidence of internal control systems. These expectations of investors can be met by the financial reports with accuracy and completeness of information. We are leaders in the helping our clients respond to the need for greater transparency; improve corporate governance and business model based on the principles of sustainable development.


We take independence very seriously. No entity or circumstance is compelling enough for us to compromise our reputation or the integrity and independence of our audit services. We satisfy ourselves on these issues with each client and on each assignment.

Deep industry understanding

Our ability to deliver value-added advice is built upon deep understanding of business in a wide range of industries including logistics, consumer business, energy and resources, manufacturing, trading, real estate, construction, media & telecommunications.