Corporate Finance Advisory

Strategic and innovative

We offers a variety of services to corporate risk managers, insurers, self-insured, wholesalers, brokers and reinsurers. Utilizing our global network of dedicated employees, our goal is simple: we protect the financial assets of our customers by reducing their losses and expenses. Our innovative methods of controlling customer loss costs – built upon our makeable practices and leakage management processes – together with our superior information tools and record of providing extraordinarily responsive and tailored customer service.
We offers a variety of services to risk management solution. We protect the financial assets of our customers by reducing their losses and expenses.

The focus of the investigation is prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute fraud and other abnormal behavior. Our team experienced in many different fields including accountants, auditors, data specialist, investigators and lawyers have been trained to carry out the transactions and their abnormal relations which can not be detected in the normal audit process.
We investigate the behavior detrimental to shareholders, potential conflict of interest between the Board of Directors and staffs, theft of money and assets, capital asset management and capital resources, fraud in the process bidding and providing false information in the contract. With the support of the search engine’s internal data, we filter the data floor on large customer database and specific informatics to create images and check the computers, peripherals to search for electronic documents such as electronic mail and other files have been deleted.

We aim to minimize potential risks in the purchase of businesses by providing expert opinion on the necessary elements to do a successful business purchase in each planning period, identify objectives and implementation. We support the client in establishment of approach strategy, valuation and financial structure, using the contacts of our senior, contract negotiations, strategic consulting about auction, set ting up a comprehensive framework for review of the business activities, working with government agencies, drafting documents and help ensure timely completion.

Common way to expand your business include making a strategic acquisition or merging with another business. It explains what you should know and understand about your own business, how to find out whether a merger could benefit your firm, how to evaluate a business you hope, it goes into the legalities involved in mergers and acquisitions. We always support you in back. Through experienced professionals, we give an approach based on a commitment to transfer to the Client the necessary knowledge and methods of work utilized. We can also help clients identify and manage tax risks and costs incurring before and after the sale, merger, reorganization of business.

Our organization Service provides participants with information about various reorganization activities, and processes these actions on a participant’s behalf. Also, We assigns voting or consenting rights to participants in conjunction with shareholder meetings or consent solicitations.

We has the qualifications and experience to analyze all factors necessary in determining a company’s value. We pull together the complex legal and financial criteria for determining a company’s value, including the nature of the company, its history and economic outlook.

Corporate Finance Advisory We provides equitization advisory service to private as well as state-owned enterprises. We work closely with the company throughout the whole privatization process to ensure smooth transition for our clients while they convert from state/private to joint-stock ownership companies. Our staffs are directed toward finding out the new solutions for client’s complex matters. We focus on supplying the highly qualitative services through the staffs who have experience in consulting on equitizition.

Personal attention

The team is experienced in handling very large and complex transactions. Each transaction, regardless of size, is important to us. We give senior-level attention to each client, each investment, and every relationship.

Independent advice

Our strength lies in our ability to offer independent, objective advice to clients around the region. Our independent from debt and equity providers allows us to avoid the conflicts of interest inherent in some financial institutions.

Seamless approach

We range of services gives us access to a comprehensive global network of key corporate relationships and expertise in complementary practice areas, such as taxation, restructuring and accounting. This allows us to offers our clients unique, seamless solutions to any issue arising in the course of a transaction.