Other Consulting Services


Accounting is complicating day by day with all the regulations, new demands and increasing of compliant responsibility. Addition, trendy global development of company and active business environment, accounting not only satisfies law and regulations but also adapts international standards.

Enterprise Establishment Registration

This service includes supporting new enterprise to register and transfer business form.


Funds includes test, supplier payment, billing, receivable and payable control, built up statement of cash and budget flows.


Payroll includes labor assessment, advisory and training, review and audit of payroll calculation and labor liabilities, design of personnel evaluations, outsourcing of payroll administration, weekly and biweekly payments, vacation, severance indemnities, profit-sharing, pre-payroll reports, legal reports, administrative reports and others.

Our commitments to you:

Full services

We are the only truly integrated professional service firm, capable of offering you solutions is consulting as well as in tax consulting, risk consulting and financial advisory. Our consulting capability allows you to benefit from our full service – from strategic input right through to technology integration and outsourcing.

Exceptional depth

Our deep pool of talent across many disciplines and industries enables us to genuinely deliver a comprehensive solutions to our clients – whatever their size, geographic profile or need.

Single-source solutions

With access to skills and talent across the globe, our unrivalled team architectures means that we can meet any clients’ demand for single-source solutions.