Top benefits to clients

  • Accurately provides critical financial information, key performance indicators and aids business decision making
  • Access our professional team who has experienced from Big4 or big FDI firms (Not normally found in small companies)
  • Maximize your tax deductions
  • Practical solutions with cost effective manner for long-term cooperation

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Basic Accounting Service
  • Work with Client to understand the business operation
  • Set up suitable chart of accounts and Client’s database account in accounting system
  • Reconciliation of cash, bank and other balance sheet accounts
  • Closing financial reports required by local authorities (VAS)
    1. General journal
    2. General ledger
    3. Trial balance
    4. Balance sheet
    5. Profit and Loss account
    6. Cash flow statement
  • Prepare all tax reports required by local Tax Department
  • Prepare tax finalization reports yearly
  • Work with auditor for auditing purpose yearly
  • Representative to work with Tax Department
Outsourced Chief Accountant / Financial Controller Service
  • In addition to work scope of basic accounting service, Controller service comprises:
  • Closing reports complying with International Accounting Standards (IAS)
  • Set up suitable accounting system for particular business requirements
  • Set up and review management reports for business decision making
  • Supervising works of accounting team
  • Handle other management tasks upon agreement
Payroll outsourcing services
  • Set up payroll documentation and procedure: timesheet, payroll worksheet, payment list, pay slip
  • Review calculation of payroll worksheet
  • Tasks relating to compulsory social insurance
    1. Register new employee or terminated employee with local authorities
    2. Calculate social insurance in payroll worksheet complying with local regulation
    3. Settle insurance obligation to State Budget timely
    4. Reconcile balance issued by local insurance department with internal record
  • Tasks relating to Personal income tax (PIT)
    1. Register PIT code for new employee
    2. Calculate PIT in payroll worksheet complying with tax law
    3. Prepare PIT report monthly, PIT finalization yearly
    4. Settle PIT obligation to State Budget timely
    5. Reconcile balance issued by Tax Department with internal record
Tax compliance services
  • Tax compliance
  • Health Check Reviews and Tax Audit Support
  • Tax ruling and Appeal
Internal control services
  • Review financial information to make sure no fraud existed and avoid potential risks
  • Advise to set up internal control system to improve business performance efficiently
Training Services

We provide wide range of training services in accounting, finance based on firm knowledge and practical experiences to elevate the proficiency and efficiency of human capital.

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