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Major Opportunities for Foreign Investment in Vietnam Industries


This article provides valuable insights into sector-specific opportunities for small business owners and foreign investors in Vietnam. It highlights the country’s attractiveness as an investment destination and strategic business location for investors from ASEAN, the United States, and Europe. With a focus on small business owners, the article emphasizes the sectors that allow 100% foreign […]

Vietnam’s Emerging Cosmetics Industry: Opportunities for Small Business Owners


This comprehensive article sheds light on Vietnam’s emerging cosmetics industry and the potential it holds for small business owners. As living standards in Vietnam continue to rise, consumers are allocating a significant portion of their income to personal care and beauty products, fueling the growth of the industry. With a market value of up to […]

Vietnam’s Blue Economy Potential: Opportunities for Small Business Owners and Investors


Vietnam’s blue economy holds significant potential for investors, particularly small business owners, as the country strives for sustainable development while leveraging its ocean resources. The blue economy concept focuses on economic growth, marine ecosystem preservation, and responsible natural resource exploitation. Vietnam’s extensive coastline and strategic location near international maritime routes provide a favorable environment for […]

Unlocking Vietnam’s Digital Economy Potential: Government Support for Small Business Owners


Vietnam’s digital economy has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, and it is projected to reach a value of US$57 billion by 2025. The country’s digital transformation has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which compelled businesses to explore virtual possibilities amid physical mobility restrictions. To facilitate technological innovation, the Vietnamese government is actively creating […]

Unlocking Opportunities for Foreign Investors in Vietnam’s Coffee Industry: A Guide for Small Business Owners


Vietnam has emerged as the second-largest exporter of coffee globally, accounting for a significant share of the market, particularly in the EU. Despite the predominance of unprocessed coffee beans, the country’s coffee industry generated over US$3 billion in export revenue in 2021, contributing significantly to the national GDP and agricultural exports. As Vietnam seeks to […]

Spotlight on Four of Vietnam’s Supply Chain Clusters: Opportunities for Small Business Owners


Vietnam’s industrial landscape is undergoing rapid development, creating opportunities for various sectors. This article focuses on four key supply chain clusters that are poised for regional shifts and offer excellent investment prospects. The clusters include the garment and textile industry, the automotive sector, electronic manufacturing, and the food, beverage, and feed processing industry. The garment […]

The Rise of Social Commerce in Vietnam: Empowering E-commerce for Small Business Owners


Vietnam’s social commerce industry is revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape, particularly for small business owners. Social commerce, a sub-sector of e-commerce that utilizes social media platforms for online buying and selling, has gained significant momentum in Vietnam due to the high rate of social media use in the country. In fact, social commerce accounted for 65% […]

Vietnam’s Cold Storage Industry: Drivers, Challenges, and Market Entry for Small Business Owners


Vietnam’s cold storage industry is experiencing significant growth and is projected to reach USD 295 million by 2025, with an annual growth rate of 12% according to Cushman & Wakefield. However, the sector still has untapped potential. Currently, Vietnam has only 48 cold storage warehouses with a capacity of approximately 700,000 pallets, indicating a scarcity […]

Vietnam’s Air Freight Industry Shows Strong Potential Despite Pandemic: A Prime Opportunity for Small Business Owners


Vietnam’s air freight industry is demonstrating remarkable potential and a rapid recovery despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. The sector has played a pivotal role in the country’s economic growth, contributing significantly to job creation and GDP. Although global air freight has suffered from low capacity due to border closures and external conflicts, Vietnam’s […]