HR & Payroll

Top benefits to clients

  • Meet the target
  • Save cost and time
  • Be compliance with local regulations
  • Keep confidential salary


Organisations of all sizes are outsourcing global payroll to avail of the expertise offered by experienced, fully managed payroll teams. Employment regulations, data and compliance requirements, and tax legislations are complex, prone to change, and vary from country to country. The professionals managing a company’s outsource payroll must keep up-to-date on changing regulations and country requirements, maintain accurate records, and prepare payroll data and statutory filings accurately and on time. It is what they are trained to do. For business leaders, leaving global payroll to the experts reduces the chances of a mistake being made in areas which could result in hefty penalties and fines. It also means spending less time in-house on complex payroll or tax issues and more time on building sales and marketing strategies and improving workflow efficiencies.

Outsourcing payroll is thinking ahead. An excellent global payroll provider offers capabilities beyond what your organisation can do on its own. An outsourced solution will deliver peace of mind and free up time in your company, ultimately saving you money and reducing compliance risk—and helping you provide the payroll experience your employees deserve.

HR services for small and medium-sized businesses

Sound people management is critical to the success of every organisation. Whether you need help drawing up employment contracts, require specialist HR advice or need assistance filling a key position, we can meet your needs.

Parker Russell provides HR services to a diverse range of small and medium-sized clients.

What we do:

  • HR Administration
  • Expatriate Management
  • Alternative Employment
  • HR and Payroll Audits
  • Payroll Services
  • Individual Income Tax Advisory
  • Compensation and Benefits Consulting
  • Statutory contribution compliance
  • International Payroll

HR healthcheck – to ensure your employment policies, procedures and practices are up to date and in line with best practice and legal compliance

Retained HR support – if you have little or no HR expertise, we provide tailored operational support that covers all your HR requirements.

Essential documentation – to meet legal requirements and ensure you are protected in the event of a claim. We help with employment contracts, employee handbooks, HR policies and procedures, as well as standard letters

Why choose us?

Professional Payroll Experts

Our payroll experts have accumulated a wide range of professional knowledge and experience in dealing with payroll issues. We are confident that clients will feel secure with our service quality.

Deadline Commitment

We understand that having deliveries well completed as the schedule is always a crucial requirement. Therefore, we strictly monitor the progress and timely solve any issues incurred.

Competitive Fees

We always listen to your cost concern and will, together with you, keep it under control. We always try to save costs for clients as much as possible by applying technology in processing data and preparing reports

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