Our Vision, Mission and Value

“The passion behind each business venture inspires us. Naturally, we too are passionate in providing quality ideas and insights that work”

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the leading consulting firms in Vietnam. We will achieve this by hiring knowledgeable, skilled employees and developing them through training, as well as providing a quality, consistent service our clients can count on.

Our Mission

At Parker Russell Vietnam, we encourage a working environment where experts in the tax, accountancy, auditing and financial arenas share their skills and knowledge. This makes us a stronger business, one that can provide an exceptional service and continue to grow.

Our Value

Our values guide the decisions made by our management team and staff members each day at Parker Russell Vietnam. We all believe it is our culture and values that set us apart from others. Our business is founded on the following:

Support and Respect other

Team members at Parker Russell Vietnam understand we are stronger as a team. That’s why we continue to help our colleagues by sharing our time and knowledge. We operate a diverse, inclusive business that welcomes people based on their skills and merit.

Act with honesty and Integrity

We believe in operating a transparent business, one that is open and honest with staff and clients. We promote the importance of doing the right thing at all time.

Work as a team

By working together, we can achieve our goals at Parker Russell Vietnam and provide the best possible service. Employees are encouraged to share their skills and knowledge, helping develop a culture of unity and trust.

Pursue excellence

At Parker Russell Vietnam we endeavor to achieve excellence in everything we do. This applies to our training and support of staff members through to the service provided to clients.