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Specialist support and advice

Our advice goes beyond audit and taxation services and general advice. We provide specialist support to help charities meet the requirements of the regulatory regimes within which they operate, and address present and future challenges.

Helping charities prosper in a highly competitive marketplace.

Most charities recognise the fundamental need to communicate through their annual report and accounts. Through our knowledge of our clients’ affairs we have been able to assist with the preparation and presentation of annual reports and accounts.

Our objective is to help charities prosper in a highly competitive marketplace. We know that every penny is crucial and that best value is an over-riding factor in decision-making. Our services are therefore geared to helping our charity clients succeed.

Effective communication ensures that issues are identified and dealt with promptly, with easy access to partners and staff for help whenever it is required. Our approach is to provide a personal, partner-led client service. Each client’s affairs are handled by an individual partner who provides the focal point and ensures that work undertaken for a client by both specialist partners and departments is delivered to the highest quality.

Our long-standing business relationships with our clients enable us to be independent, knowledgeable, business-minded and capable of helping clients wherever they are located.

Our services include:

  • Annual audit
  • Accountancy support and training
  • VAT and PAYE advice

Annual audit

Parker Russell Vietnam approach to audit is comprehensive, with an emphasis on risk assessment and pre-audit planning. As well as meeting the regulatory requirements for your audit, we ensure that you receive the value from our work. For more information, visit our Assurance page . We also offer guidance and assistance in developing and maintaining a reliable internal control system.

Accountancy support and training

Our experienced team can advise you on all aspects of accounting. We can assist with the preparation of periodic income and expenditure and cash flow budgets and statements. We can offer training to finance staff, either on site at your premises, or using the training facilities at our offices.

VAT advice

Without proper planning, VAT can have a negative impact on charities. We advise charities on how to minimise their exposure to VAT problems and maximise VAT recovery. We believe that without such an approach, charities can and do lose out.

Our clients

Our clients include:

  • registered and exempt charities
  • not for profit mutual trading organisations
  • Regeneration organisations

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