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We understanding the challenges our clients face in a fast moving industry

We deliver relevant and practical advice, making a real difference to your business performance.

A strategic advantage in today’s competitive consumer marketplace.

With pressure to improve margins, convert market and customer information into sales, improve efficiency and harness technology to add value and strategic advantage are non-stop challenges in today’s competitive consumer marketplace.


The competitive emphasis has now moved towards managing brands and consumer relationships from tangible to intangible assets. Consumer Market companies are having to restructure to re-focus their businesses, dispose of non-core activities and invest the proceeds into streamlining and growing the business.

Our expertise ranges across a number of retail sectors including:

  • Fashion
  • Personal care
  • Grocery and convenience products
  • Household goods & textiles

Areas you may wish to want to talk to us about could include:

  • Financing growth and succession
  • Effective corporate governance
  • Recruitment, retention and motivation
  • Shareholder issues
  • IT Systems
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Property Issues
  • Supply Chain Management
  • VAT
  • Corporate tax
  • Economic Barometers

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