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An excellent Audit service is necessary for any company to be financially sound. Our services ensure undetected no mistake or wrongdoing in your company. Some companies have the mistaken idea that audits are only necessary when malicious transgressions occur in the data. Thus, any large company needs to have outside audits and assurance done.

Financial Reporting and Audit

The impact of information technology is changing the way organisations do business, and the audit of financial statements must adapt to meet new requirements for attestation and assurance in an environment where business activity is less tangible and more flexible.

The new economy is creating even greater exposure to risk, making the attested statement even more relevant as a basis for informed decisions.

Parker Russell’s audit approach is risk-based, considering the whole organisation and the economic system in which it operates to deliver a report that provides valuable insights into where the business is and what it must do to achieve future objectives.

Management Risk

Managing risk appropriately is key to business success. Parker Russell Advisory Services enable you to make decisions that strengthen your business. Information Risk Management focuses on the risks you face with rapid technological advances and helps you confidently move into the future. Management Assurance Services focuses on the value an organisation can derive from successful internal audit activities. Parker Russell professionals are ready to provide co-sourcing and outsourcing internal audit solutions. They are prepared to leverage the knowledge embedded within Parker Russell’s proprietary tools to assess controls over the strategic risks that are critical to your success.

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Independent audit
  • Statutory and International Standard Audits
  • Statutory Audit Review
  • Review upon agreed procedures
Internal Audit
  • Internal Control Review and Training
  • Fraud Prevention and Investigation
  • Risk Management Advisory 
Financial Statement Conversion
  • Conversion of Financial Statement under IFRS
  • Financial Statement translation from foreign currencies into Vietnam Dong (VND)

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